The Packages

I'm super passionate about caring for mum's & families,
so I am so proud of you for taking the steps to invest in yourself & your future as a family.

Below are my offerings & price guide. Each package is focused on a happy, healthy & confident mum, because I believe that when she thrives, her family does too.


I'm all about thriving over surviving.


Grab yourself a hot cuppa, have a read through my offerings & feel into which is best suited to you.


Let’s DO-ula this!

1. The Pot of Tea

This package has been created to support mothers & families during their pregnancy & into their postpartum period.


Highly recommended for first time parents or families with lots of local support.


This package has been designed with a growing family in mind.

It's been designed to support mother's & families during pregnancy & postpartum, with an emphasis on supporting family cohesiveness.



Highly recommended for growing families.


2. The High Tea
3. The "After"-noon Tea

This package has been designed to support mum's & families AFTER pregnancy & birth.

We aren't meant to navigate postpartum alone, so I have created this package with all families in mind, to hold space, help alleviate some of the common pressures & to be a sounding board when you need it most.

Highly recommended for mum's & families from 0-4yrs.