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Frequently Asked Questions


I kind of liken doula's to a maid of honour but for pregnancy, birth & postpartum. In saying that though, every doula is different so it's imperative you find the doula that fits into your team perfectly. I am more a practical doula, focusing on continuity of care & informed decision making in everything that I do. I class myself as someone who will become a close family friend. There are other doula's that are more alternative in their approach to doula work, so it's really important you make sure you find someone who you see yourself gelling with.

Doula’s bridge the continuity of care gap & provide emotional, physical & informational support. We are passionate about empowering our families to feel prepared, informed & confident to advocate for themselves & the experience they want. We often see the unseen, actively listen & help to break down any fears surrounding labour, birth & parenthood. 


The benefits of a doula throughout pregnancy to postpartum increases a woman's confidence, self belief & wellbeing. Doula’s empower their clients to feel in control, to trust their abilities & to get clear on how they want to feel in birth & postpartum. Continuous support in labour decreases the likelihood of opting for medical pain relief, lower rates of cesareans & an overall more positive birth experience. Continuing the care into postpartum, enables families to take more time to adjust, to learn, to find their rhythm & recover.


I get this question so often & I love being able squash the myth that doula's take a partner's place.

It is most definitely not "two's a company three's a crowd" when it comes to adding a doula to your team. Doula's are a compliment to your team & we don't take anyone's place. We spend months building our friendship together as a tight unit, which allows us to feel comfy with one another & speak openly with one another too.

The birth space can be a bit overwhelming , even after all the learning, education & work we have put into the lead up. I've noticed that when a dad has a doula to support him, he's more confident to advocate for mum because he has someone backing him & he is also more emotionally available for mum because his doula is taking care of him too. In my experience dad's and I have made the best team and have formed a really great friendship that has carried well into the postpartum period and beyond. Of all the births that I have been apart of, its never been "two's a company, three's a crowd"... it's always been team.

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