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Hi beautiful, I'm Tess

I have always had this deep yearning to want to support, empower & help people in one way or another. What lead me to doula work & supporting women & families, all stems from own experiences since becoming a mum myself.

I had two high risk pregnancies (I had an incompetent cervix meaning I required a stitch to hold my babies in or it would've kept dilating prematurely) & suffered with HG (violent, constant, all day nausea & vomiting) from 5 minutes pregnant right up until I birthed both my babies. 


Due to being high risk I met with different obstetricians each week who were all complete strangers to me & who all had varying opinions about my care. This led me to believe there was a significant lack in continuity of care available for women, as well as realising that knowing my options & being actively involved in my own care management plan, was key for me to feel more in-the-know & positive about my experience.

I am so passionate about supporting women & families throughout this incredibly special (sometimes messy & chaotic) time. My two "passion points" alongside supporting women would be all around continuity of care & informed decision making (or knowing your options).

I have felt the power & magic in continuity of care. Being surrounded by known carers & friends during an incredibly vulnerable time (both birth & postpartum) allows you to feel safe, secure & surrender. I was lucky enough to have the same midwife present for both my births (total luck & fluke), & I genuinely remember the feeling of calmness & safety wash over me when she walked in to relieve my other midwife. It was in that moment that I wished it was a possibility for all women & partners.


Knowing your options & making decisions about your care from an informed place is key. We know that trauma & dissatisfaction is associated when women feel like things are happening "to" them, rather than "with" them. We hear the buzz words "knowledge is power" all the time in the birth world & this is where it really comes into play. If you don't know your options, you don't have any & unfortunately the maternity system is more focused on routine & a one-size-fits-all approach over centring care around each individual woman.

All of my packages have been carefully designed with women, continuity of care & informed decision making at the core. I have a range of different packages that will support you during pregnancy, birth & postpartum & I have an in-home HG support package available as well.

I cannot wait to support you.. If you think I am the right fit for your team, please send me an email & we can organise a zoom catch up to really get a feel for one another & to continue on from there. 

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"I will never forget the love and support from Tess. I would not be where I am today without her. I will absolutely miss her company & her gentle advice... Tess is a village. I wish I could gift every new mother a Tess to support them, she is an incredible doula & a wonderful person"

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