mother-centred care


Supporting families from Pregnancy to Postpartum 

so they feel

Hi beautiful, I'm Tess

I’m a mum of two boys.

I’m married to my husband Alan.

I’m a Pregnancy to Postpartum Doula, devoted tea drinker & essential oils lover.

I'm a pretty easy going person & have an appreciation for the little things in life such as yoga, playing the piano, walking in nature & dancing around the house with my kids.

My heart is made up of my family, friendships & this passion of mine that all started when I became a mum myself.

​After having two high risk pregnancies & each week meeting various new faces that were all strangers to me, I believed there was a severe lack for mother’s to receive personal support & continuity of care. This empowered me to explore the career as a Pregnancy to Postpartum doula.

I'm super passionate about mother-centred care, preparation, continuity & personalised support so that mum's & families feel happy, healthy & confident, from pregnancy to postpartum.

I’m all about thriving over surviving. 


I'll meet you where you're at.
First time mum, or mum of many. Early on in your pregnancy, or into your postpartum. Have a good understanding of what to expect or have no idea at all. Emotions running high, or emotions running low.
Wherever you're at, I'll meet you there.

The Packages

1. The Pot of Tea

This package has been created to support mothers & families during their pregnancy & into their postpartum period.


Highly recommended for first time parents or families with lots of local support.


This package has been designed with a growing family in mind.

It's been designed to support mother's & families during pregnancy & postpartum, with an emphasis on supporting family cohesiveness.


Highly recommended for growing families.


2. The High Tea
3. The "After"-noon Tea

This package has been designed to support mum's & families AFTER pregnancy & birth.

We aren't meant to navigate postpartum alone, so I have created this package with all families in mind, to hold space, help alleviate some of the common pressures & to be a sounding board when you need it most.

Highly recommended for mum's & families from 0-4yrs.



Why use a Doula?

Doula’s do so much. It's hard to put it into words. We provide mother-centred support, continuity of care, often see the unseen, actively listen & help to break down any fears surrounding labour, birth & parenthood.

I’m super passionate about my mum's & families feeling certain in their choices, prepared & empowered. I provide emotional, physical & informational support during pregnancy to postpartum, with my main aim being that my mums feel safe, confident, happy & healthy.

When working together we look at a range of different topics & areas that tie into my “happy, healthy, confident” philosophy. We look at areas such as your visions for birth & postpartum - how do you want to feel? getting clear on your values, birth support 101, birth & postpartum mapping, informed decision making, evidence based education, comfort techniques, breaking down any fears, support & boundaries, identity & relationships. Plus so much more.

There is so much freedom within the framework on this journey together. It’s all about me meeting you where you're at. No two families I support are the same & I tailor this experience to you. 




Honestly I couldn't have done it without Tess. She was so encouraging, so warm and made me feel so supported. So grateful I found her and would absolutely have her again for any future pregnancies.


It has been such an honour to watch Tess find her true calling. Tess has an innate ability to instill such a sense of calmness & strength in those around her.  Tess is truly a breath of fresh air, an incredible support  &  any mum would be lucky to work with her.