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Informing, Supporting, Preparing & providing Continuity of care for women & families

Hi beautiful, I'm Tess

I'm a Mum of two young boys,

A wife, a pregnancy, birth & postpartum doula,

A HG survivor & an advocate for women.

I'm a pretty easy going gal & have an appreciation for the little things in life. I'm a mum just as you are, so sometimes life is a bit messy & chaotic, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I love playing the piano, drinking tea (white w none), walking in nature & dancing around the house with my two young boys.

My heart is made up of my family, friendships & this passion of mine that all started when I became a mum myself.

​After having two high risk pregnancies, suffering from HG twice & each week meeting various new faces that were all strangers to me, I believed there was a severe lack for mother’s to receive personal support & continuity of care. This empowered me to explore the career as a doula, so I could help bridge the care gap. 

I'm the type of person that gets on well with everyone & I truly value deep, soulful connections & conversations. I'd say I'm a straight to the point kind of person, but I choose to deliver everything in a gentle & respectful way.

I'm super passionate about continuity of care, women knowing their options, being informed before making major decisions about their care, women playing an active role in their experience & feeling deeply supported, heard, seen & validated.

I really look forward to supporting you on this lifechanging journey, as well as cultivating a beautiful friendship with one another.

Tess x


"Having Tess as part of our team was a huge comfort for us...I felt held & was able to be myself in my most vulnerable phase of life. She is so open-minded, adaptable & so so thoughtful! I looked forward to our chats & she met our needs flexibly."

The Packages

This package has been designed to support women & families throughout all stages of pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

This package is the full doula experience with me & my most popular package. 

The All-In Doula 
The Postpartum

This package has been designed to support mum's & families AFTER pregnancy & birth.

We aren't meant to navigate postpartum alone, so I have created this package with all families in mind, to hold space, help alleviate some of the common pressures & to be a sounding board when you need it most.

Open to mum's & families from 0-4yrs.


The HG Support

This package has been created with the intention to support mother's in-home & in-person, who are unfortunately suffering with HG.

This package is very close to my heart as I understand how detrimental HG is both physically & emotionally.


Birth Mapping & Knowing you options bitesized workshop:

An online workshop designed to equip couples with knowledge, to feel confident in making informed decisions, to understanding their responsibilities & rights in the birth space, able to build their own birth map, empowered to challenge & research information and above all to feel more aligned to what's most important to them & what they get out of their experience.

Virtual Zoom catch up:

A once off 90 min zoom catch up to brainstorm, chat, converse, plan, gain clarity, ask questions ect. to do with anything relating to pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

A PDF summary will be emailed to you after our call with all relevant resources/links ect.

Education series:

A mini online course designed to empower, equip & provide women + families with evidence based education & tangible tips to intertwin into their experience.

It's self faced, easy to understand & straight to the point.


Why use a Doula?

We are designed to be supported by a known carer & friend. 


I believe that all women & families should be able to access a model of care that provides them with continuity throughout pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

Unfortunately in Australia only 8% of women are able to actually access this kind of care & support. It's really disappointing because there is an overwhelming amount of positive evidence that supports better birth outcomes when low risk women have access to continuity of care.

We as human's are all wired for connection. 

We as labouring women are hormonally wired for safe & familiar connection.

& we as mothers are maternally wired for connection in a secure, stable & safe environment as we parent & raise our babes.

You are designed to be supported by a known carer & friend. Someone that has got to know you, your story, your goals, your visions & how you want to feel.. Someone you can be vulnerable with, to let your guard down with & that makes you feel truly heard & validated.

This is why I believe having a doula on your team is invaluable & a no-brainer. We are literally bridging this care gap for women & for families to gain continuity throughout all stages of their experience. We make the time to cultivate a really strong & beautiful friendship that enables you (& your partner) to feel safe, secure & assured with us, as well as nurturing, supporting, preparing & informing you for the most incredible time in your lives.



I don't even know where to begin with my gratitude for Tess.. Tess seamlessly joined our team with her impressive toolbox of information, quiet power and thoroughly considered presence in the labour room. She was an amazing addition to our birth team during D day.

During labour she supported my husband and I intuitively, held space respectfully & was a trusted source of information.


Tess was the best surprise our whole pregnancy!

Having a doula was the best decision we made & we will 100% have a doula as part of our team in the future.

The level of care, thought, support & friendship was phenomenal & really exceeded our expectations.

Everyone needs a Tess!

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